4 comments on “Tooling 1: M30 Cam Removal Tool

  1. Nice work! Love the elegance of a nice simple design. Wish I was nearby. Been wrestling with pry bars, and rubber hammers today per the Bentley manual and getting ready to go buy a bunch of large c-clamps and overhead valve spring compression tools at Harbor Freight to get the cam out without damaging the internal bearing bores in the head casting.

    • Hi Dave. Thanks for the comment. Yes – shame that you aren’t nearby as the tool is actually for sale as I have recently stopped with the Bimmer hobby. Age started to creep up on me and after an accident last year I decided that it was time to stop crawling under cars. The six is gone and I am now working on an old Harley Shovelhead – much easier.

      • Is the tool still for sale? Asking as I am disassembling a M30B34 head myself and im located in the netherlands.

  2. You have come up with my favorite version of this tool.
    I want to fabricate one similar that can also attach to the cam cover bolts/studs.
    However I am a little confused with the dimensions called out at the 50mm vertical strips for the 10mm rail holes. You say they are 250mm and 300mm apart, but the vertical strips were previously called out to be cut at 220mm. Did a typo sneak in on you?
    I really appreciate you sharing your design with the BMW community.

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