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  1. Hi Martyn, many thanks for your work on the 635 squirters. For some reason your pic of the thermal switch no longer exists on the bigcoupe website and I am trying to identify where it actually is. Can you repost or copy to me? I’m in the midst of getting mine working again. I’ve posted a pic of what I think is the switch. Many thanks. David

    • Hi David,

      Sorry for the late response. Retired recently and started a new part-time job locally so I seem to have been focussing on other things. I re-uploaded the photos which seemed to have disappeared but the position of the switch in the motor is as you can see in motor2.jpg. Hopefully this is a bit clearer but otherwise contact me directly (martyn@automotivelife.nl)

      Regards Martyn.

  2. Martyn, we haven’t met before. I found a post on the bigcoupe forum about modifications done to your (?) M6/M635. I was researching about the Miller MAF and WAR chip modifications. I wanted to get your opinion on that setup. Are you still using it? Or have you changed to something else? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks, Dennis

    PS I live in Northern Nevada, USA and have a ’87 M6 – red with white leather interior.

  3. Hi Martyn. Just started to take a look on your website. Need to see what interesting things I find here. We met last week at Brent’s. I’m Rudy, the guy with the Martini Porsche, remember? Still impressed about the beauty of your Shovel. I really loved
    It, 😍

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