2 comments on “Mustang – Part 3

  1. I really like the way your hood scoop looks!! It looks terrific. What brand is it or what are the measurements? Thank you

    • Hi Bob,

      Sorry for the delayed reply – been busy with other things. The scoop on the outside is handmade from a piece of steel sheet. The inside is aluminium of course and was intended to surround the air filter with cold air, it was also handmade. I can’t give you any dimensions as I generally just tend to work out idea in my head by hand. I started from the size of the air filter and the first try-out was in cardboard, later with the metal. I don’t even know where the car is these days, I sold it in 2001 to a guy in the east of the Netherlands and have not heard anything from him since. The last time I checked with our government car register ( it won’t actually tell you names and addresses) the car had been exported in 2013

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